Wednesday, 15 February 2012

LA Complex - Kaldrick & Tariq Storyline Mid Season Finale...

The LA Complex, is a drama exploring the lives of a group of Canadians trying to make it in LA featuring a well written gay storyline that goes against usual mainstream convention. Remind yourself of how it all kicked off here, how it developed here and now how things come to a head for the midseason finale. So what's the latest with Kaldrick and Tariq? Find out after the jump:

Deep stuff. Just as the pair seemed to be moving forward, there goes a situation that has them take the step that utimately lead them all the way back. Hats off to Benjamin Watson and Andra Fuller for bringing the storyline to life with A grade acting. Here's hoping that the show gets green lit for more episodes so we can see how the situation plays out.


  1. They've been deleted.Is there anywhere else to watch it please? :)


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